About the Founders Project

How It Works

Let us know of your intent to make a gift in the future. We'll check in periodically to see if you have questions. As you get closer to an exit period, we can talk about how to move forward. We can connect you to a gift planning expert who can help your financial and tax advisors determine whether a gift of cash vs. stock is preferable for you.

Show Your Support

When you make a commitment to Dartmouth through the Founders Project program, you join an exclusive community of entrepreneurs and leaders who have a passion for Dartmouth’s work, ideals, and mission. You have the satisfaction of making philanthropic goals an integral part of your business success. Along the way, our team will help you take advantage of all that Dartmouth has to offer its community of innovators.

No Minimum Contribution

There is no specific dollar amount or equity percentage commitment required to join the Project. Every gift to Dartmouth enhances our ability to offer a world-class education and conduct world-changing research. Your gift should be personally significant, depending on your unique situation and goals for the impact you want to have at Dartmouth and on the world—and you may designate it to the areas of campus you love most.

Give Where it Matters Most

When the time comes, you can direct your gift to support the areas that matter most to you. When you make your pledge, you can identify areas or topics of potential interest; we’ll help you explore your philanthropic goals over time.

Tax Impacts

There are no immediate tax ramifications associated with making the pledge; tax considerations come into play when you fulfill your pledge with a gift to Dartmouth. We always recommend that donors consult with their own financial advisors to fully understand the tax implications for any gifts, given their specific circumstances. We can arrange a conversation with one of our in-house giving experts at any time to provide additional information and strategies.

Meet the Members

Founders Project members include Dartmouth alumni who are building some of today's most exciting new businesses--from early stage ventures to those with hundreds of employees. Check out our member profiles and consider joining this unique group. Help us build something extraordinary for Dartmouth and pave the way for generations of future entrepreneurs.

Already Done This?

If you have supported Dartmouth via a previous startup exit, we would love to recognize you and help you stay involved in our innovation and entrepreneurship community. Please email us to let us know.

What Members Say

"I had an amazing college experience that really shaped the direction of my life. Going forward, I'm looking for every opportunity to give back—whether it's providing advice as a mentor or through donating. The Founders Project is a way to show my support and make a creative commitment to the College that aligns with my entrepreneurial mindset."
John Huelskamp '06 Director of Sales, Flexport

"As a founding entrepreneur who followed my passion, I have a deep belief that the near-term sacrifices of personal and financial investment in my business will pay off later. By making a pledge to the Founders Project, I know that there is a shared risk/reward. When I succeed, I'll be thrilled to know that my pledge will support the College that gave me so much."
Alison Andrews Reyes ‘94 Founder and CEO, Dezignable

Get In Touch

Don’t hesitate to email us at Dartmouth.Founders.Project@Dartmouth.edu. We are happy to answer any additional questions you might have about the Dartmouth Founders Project and how it might work with your unique, personal situation.