About the Founders Project

The Dartmouth Founders Project is a community of entrepreneurs who pledge to support Dartmouth via their future financial success.

If you hold equity in a privately held company, you can join the Founders Project by pledging to support Dartmouth when that equity grows. Make a personal, nonbinding pledge to make a meaningful gift when you experience an exit or other liquidity event. You decide how much, when, and where your support goes.

Until then, we'll be with you every step of the way, helping you to gather resources and grow your network.

There is no set commitment—only a determination to make a difference at Dartmouth.

Dartmouth Founders Project members share an adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to Dartmouth. When you join the Founders Project, you can build a network rooted in a shared appreciation for business and philanthropy—and celebrate the role you play in Dartmouth’s history of leadership in innovation.

What Members Say

"I had an amazing college experience that really shaped the direction of my life. Going forward, I'm looking for every opportunity to give back—whether it's providing advice as a mentor or through donating. The Founders Project is a way to show my support and make a creative commitment to the College that aligns with my entrepreneurial mindset."
John Huelskamp '06 Director of Sales, Flexport

"As a founding entrepreneur who followed my passion, I have a deep belief that the near-term sacrifices of personal and financial investment in my business will pay off later. By making a pledge to the Founders Project, I know that there is a shared risk/reward. When I succeed, I'll be thrilled to know that my pledge will support the College that gave me so much."
Alison Andrews Reyes ‘94 Founder and CEO, Dezignable

Get In Touch

Don’t hesitate to email us at Dartmouth.Founders.Project@Dartmouth.edu. We are happy to answer any additional questions you might have about the Dartmouth Founders Project and how it might work with your unique, personal situation.